Uncommon Breadfellows #1… Smoked Salmon Tea Sandwiches


Smoked salmon, cream cheese, sunflower sprouts, pickled kumquats and jalapeños, onions and thyme

Whenever I go to downtown Seattle, I always stop at the tiny little Crumpet Shop next to the Public Market. Of course you can get amazing crumpets there. And tea–the best tea you will find anywhere! They give you a mug to help yourself at the tea urns, “As much as you like,” they say. “And when you leave, just ask for a ‘to go’ cup and fill it throughout the day as you wander the market!”

I always make my friends get a crumpet, since almost no one I know has really had a great one of those. But I go for my other tea-time favorite, Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Sandwiches on Homemade Oatmeal Bread. The sandwich is easy to make, but if you don’t have the best oatmeal bread available for it, you’d best make it yourself. (See link.)

These tea sandwiches are part of a menu I’m developing for a traditional tea I’m having here in April… well, as traditional as I’m able to get anyway! Salmon and cream cheese is an old favorite. Pickles of some sort, and an herb such as dill is always a great addition. This time, I used a pickle that was left by my culinary muse and good friend Amy Brummer. She showed up at my door last week with a bowlful of home-grown kumquats and and handful of jalapeños saying, “These are just screaming to be put in a jar together!” and I watched as she turned them into citrus-y and spicy pickles. How could I know they would be the perfect little jolt for the smoked salmon???

Directions are minimal so forget measurements.

Spread slices of good oat bread with a little unsalted butter and lots of cream cheese. If making an open-faced sandwich, cut into rounds. Top the bread (or rounds) with sprouts, thinly sliced strips of smoked salmon, thin slices of pickled (or fresh) red onions, lemon zest (or Amy Brummers pickled kumquats), and a sprinkle of thyme or dill. If you are making a full sandwich with two slices of bread, spread a bit of butter and more cream cheese on the top slice before covering the bottom.


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