Remember Corn Nuts?

Remember Corn Nuts?

Corn Nuts--both yellow and white kernels. (I definitely like the yellows better here!)

So, today is my beloved’s birthday and I’m going to make him some of those tamales (made from our very best family recipe also used on ribs). So, I nixtamalized some more corn (this time, both white and yellow) to make the masa (remember my last post?). On the way, however, just before grinding the stuff, I tried taking some of the soaked and processed kernels, patting them dry, tossing them with a little sunflower oil and throwing them in a 400 degree oven for 15 minutes. A little salt, and Voila! those fantastic teeth-breakingly crunchy corn nuts of my youth! (I’d always wondered how they made those things!) Definitely, the yellow corn worked best for these, I’ll reserve the white corn for fresh masa.

Hold on…the tamales are coming!

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