Fired up for Food Adventures

Fired up for Food Adventures
Kevin Beyrouti of Quickstop Fire Inspection

Kevin Beyrouty of Quickstop Fire Inspection

The best times are spent discovering the cooking passions of folk I find along the way, people who will tell you their story because it is also a story about food. These are folks who understand the magic of home cooking. My current Ezekiel’s Table adventure is exploring low-and-slow smoked brisket. I’m working up a new menu for upcoming classes.

The other day I was just finishing my first attempt and there was a knock on my door. It was Kevin Beyrouty of Quickstop Fire Protection here for a yearly inspection of my fire extinguishers. After introducing himself he immediately set to work. With arms inked boldly in flames he hoisted up that huge restaurant-grade extinguisher like it was nothing and prepared to take it out to his truck for the inspection. Pegging him for a guy who might be a bit of a grill master I bragged excitedly…

“I just did a 12 hour smoked brisket! You ever try that?”

His eyes lit up. “Yeah, actually I have. I could smell it. Smells fantastic in here!” Then he went on… “I’m a firefighter in Trenton–That’s my other job. We like to smoke meat while we’re doing other work there. You know, if you have to leave in the middle of a cook, it’s not a problem.”

“You want to try some then?” I asked hopefully. “I’d love to know if you think I did it right.”

He gave me that ‘You-have-no-idea’ look, and then said, “I haven’t really eaten lunch yet today.”

20160927_123804A hungry firefighter…Are you kidding??? Well the chef mom in me (to say nothing of the one-time Red Cross volunteer) got busy and I sliced him up a bunch of that brisket. I stuffed two tortillas with it and some homemade kraut. He was so kind in his praise– said that this was much better than what the firefighters in Trenton make (intelligent man), and mentioned also the kraut. I showed him how I ferment vegetables at home, and he said his wife, “who is an old soul” loves to do that kind of thing too. Another kindred spirit found!

Work done, he finished up the tacos and wrote out the bill–giving me a lovely price break for the service.  Then I sent him off with more brisket to share with the guys in Trenton, a fermenting valve to give to his wife and my best recipe for grilling meat. What a fun way to do business!

Another passion of mine is creating converts to a life of food adventures. It happens at my cooking class dinner parties here at Ezekiel’s Table. Someone always says, “I had no idea we could do this!” And I know another flame has been lighted. Contact Ezekiel’s Table soon to plan your group’s fall or winter event!


Tortillas, smoked brisket, and homemade sour kraut.



Another brisket leftover idea... do a quick fry and roll it up in sorrel or lettuce leaves.

Another brisket leftover idea… do a quick fry and roll it up in sorrel or lettuce leaves.








… And be sure to get those fire extinguishers checked!




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