Cooking with Amy B. — Jujubes

Cooking with Amy B. — Jujubes

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Amy came over again last week with a glorious bag of oddities. As always happens with my magical cooking muse and good friend Amy Brummer, I never know what she will show up with… But it’s usually something I’d never considered bringing home myself, and that’s saying something!

This time, Amy showed up with a breathtaking huge mottled emerald emu egg, some fern fronds, watercress, foraged chickweed, and a bag of jujubes, which she describes as a sort of Asian date.Jujubes

We started with the jujubes, slicing it into thin strips, which revealed a spongy pale inside bordered by a thin ribbon of sturdy, glossy peel. The taste was delicately sweet, something lovely but easily overwhelmed. Paired with duck confit, which happened to be a fortuitous left-over from a recent cooking class/dinner party featuring Griggstown Quail Farm Muscovy Duck, it made a perfect combination of savory and sweet. So, we set to work…

PLC 4-18-13 012I whipped up a batch of semolina pasta, making it paper thin and wide–about 3/4″, while Amy sauteed up a handful of the thinly sliced jujubes until almost crispy but not yet overly browned. She removed those from the heat, then sauteed a bit of shredded confit while I boiled the pasta. When the pasta was done, I threw it in the pan with the confit. Served on a bed of watercress or the chickweed tossed in vinaigrette freshened up the whole dish, and a sprinkling of chopped hazelnuts finished it off superbly.
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And that emu egg, I just can’t stop looking at it. Who knows what we’ll do with that!PLC 4-18-13 007

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