Host a one-of-a-kind cooking
party at Ezekiel’s Table

One part gourmet cooking class, one part intimate dinner party, and one part something indescribable. Ezekiel’s Table cooking classes are a wonderful way to spend the evening cooking with friends and loved ones, or team building with colleagues.

You and your party choose the day and the menu, then you all arrive at this historic farm house in Princeton, New Jersey for a one-of-a-kind dinner party.

Though no two parties are exactly the same, each begins with a gourmet appetizer course, prepared just before you come. While you enjoy your first course, we’ll talk about each component of the evening’s menu.

Ready to have a party?

You can start by taking a look at my sample menus and my prices. Think about what you and your friends would like to cook, then contact me by email or phone (609) 240-7712. I’d love to answer your questions and help you with more ideas! We can make any time and menu adjustments to meet the needs of your group.

Host your next corporate retreat at Ezekiel’s Table

Cooking together in my kitchen teaches your team all they need to know about getting along while getting things done. Your guys have a job to do that they’ve never done before. They’ve got a thousand decisions to make with folks they didn’t choose to work with, and they’ve got a time crunch! Yet, at the end of a couple of hours cooking together, they’ve made a remarkable meal. They get to sit down and enjoy together the fruits of their labor while they talk about the process. We have customized menus that focus on cooperative creativity, and we have allowed extra space and time for before and after meetings.