Meet Chef Marcia

Obsessed with cooking and food culture her entire life, Marcia received her professional chef certification at Seattle Culinary Academy in preparation for moving to her new-old home and teaching cooking classes in Princeton.

“My husband and I don’t just want to keep this place to ourselves. We love sharing this historic home,” she says. “Lots of us get to tour these historic homes, but how often do we get to play in those kitchens and eat in the dining rooms with our own friends?”

She has always experienced the world through food, and can’t help but share her creations, as well as her opinions on the way we cook and eat today.

Marcia talks about and uses local organic meats, dairy and produce when possible, but loves to experiment with all kinds of cooking, and her dishes are influenced by a variety of ethnic, historic and social cultures.

Her greatest achievement is that she and her husband have successfully raised two accomplished cooks, one of whom received her chef’s certificate after graduating from college and is a food writer with a special interest in nutrition; the other, not only loves to organize dinner parties with friends, but he likes to brew a little beer. Marcia’s husband is the family sommelier, and is the authority on wine-pairings in their home.