Cooking Classes Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Ezekiel’s Table is a boutique cooking school offering intimate cooking class dinner parties for smallish groups in an historic Princeton home.

One part gourmet cooking class, one part intimate dinner party, and one part something indescribable. Ezekiel’s Table cooking classes are not your typical cooking lessons. They are a wonderful way to spend the evening with your friends or loved ones, and a fantastic team building event with colleagues.

You and your friends choose the day and the menu, then you all arrive at my 300-year-old farm house here in Princeton, New Jersey for a one-of-a-kind dinner party. You’ll come right into the front parlor, enjoy a snack which I’ve crafted ahead of time, and drink a little bubbly around the 18th Century punch bowl. We’ll talk about each component of the menu to be covered in the cooking class. Then we’ll go into the kitchen and start cooking with one another. I’ll be there giving you all the guidance you need.

We only work with real food here in these cooking classes, the way it was meant to be.

And we do try to eat local here. We’ll use the eggs from our own chickens, the honey from our bees, and vegetables from our garden when they’re available. I’m always highlighting the local culinary treasures: exotic mushrooms from Shibumi Farms, crossbred Scottish Highland beef from Stockton, pheasants and duck from Griggstown, pork from Cherry Grove Farm, or fish from Nassau Street Seafood. Whether you are a beginner cook or an old hand in the kitchen, you will have an unforgettable culinary adventure with your friends in addition to improving your cooking skills.

Once we’re finished in the kitchen, it’s off to the American Colonial or the Federal dining room where you will relax, enjoy each other, and dine by the fire for the rest of the evening surrounded in Colonial style. You may enjoy whatever alcoholic beverages your party brings along.